Wastewater treatment plant installation

Our highly qualified team members carry out wastewater treatment plant installations. Only a properly installed treatment plant can function properly. After taking into account things like the needs of customers, the plot, its location, and various other important factors, specialists will take care of the installation ensuring that it is done with utmost precision and thoroughness.

All work is carefully supervised, employees adhere to strict safety requirements, which ensures a great result every time. All work is carried in a systematic, carefully planned way, guaranteeing that all work is completed on time.



We offer a wide selection of Premium class wastewater treatment plants and issue a declaration of performance and a technical passport, which covers the plant with a warranty of up to 10 years. In order for the unit to function optimally, it is very important that the installation is carried out in accordance with the requirements.


We can also offer: oil and grease traps, sewage tanks, fire water tanks, reinforced concrete tanks, polyethylene tanks, water tanks, slurry tanks, aeration kits for ponds, wastewater pumps.