Utility networks

Water supply, drainage, rainwater and waste water systems.

To ensure that outdoor utility networks retain their best features and qualities throughout their service life, our specialists analyze the possibilities of long-term use of projects and their economic efficiency and constantly improve work quality. This allows us to prevent unproductive activities and inefficient solutions. We carefully supervise all planned works and our specialists observe the applicable safety requirements, thus ensuring high quality final results. Systematic and carefully planned construction of utility networks allow us to complete all projects in a timely manner. Our engineers and other specialist will easily install a secure complex of all required utility networks by taking into consideration the client’s wishes, various factors affecting the situation, land lot map and building layout. We can take care of everything! You can rest easy knowing that your utility networks are in safe hands.

We offer a wide range of utility network-related services and carry out the following works:
Installation of water supply systems. We install and connect water supply systems to the centralized water supply networks, distribute water supply in the required area. We install rainwater drainage systems from the roofs of various buildings (residential, public and commercial buildings, garages). If you need to lower the groundwater level and prevent moisture from entering your home or yard, you can always rely on our drainage system installation works. We have many years of experience in installation of deep water wells, for which we provide a 10 year warranty.

Installation of wastewater networks. We can prepare all the necessary designs and documentation. If required, we can install grease traps to ensure even better wastewater treatment as the grease traps are able to collect larger amounts of dirt from grease-contaminated wastewater.
We offer wastewater treatment facilities. We sell high quality wastewater treatment plants that meet all the EU requirements and offer installation and technical maintenance services. This is especially important for those home owners who cannot connect to the centralized wastewater system.

We use cutting-edge equipment and technology in all our works, which means that we can complete complex custom orders from the beginning to the end, making the final result completely ready for end-users. Our professional team is constantly working on improvement of our work processes to ensure that all requirements of utility network installation are observed. Properly installed utility networks improve living conditions and cause no additional troubles.

We specialize in complex utility network projects, consulting and advising our clients on all related matters. We introduce our clients to the compiled plan and safety requirements of the site and present project estimates. To ensure no future problems, we always remind our clients that consents of all co-owners of the land lot are required before starting the construction of any type of utility network.