About us – Medtopas UAB

Medtopas UAB is a leading installer of utility networks and systems. We are based in Šiauliai, Lithuania. The company has been certified by the Construction Product Certification Center (Certificate No. 8688) and has been granted the right to participate in special structure construction projects as a contractor. We offer the following construction services:

  • Excavation works;
  • Construction and installation of building structures (concrete, masonry, wood);
  • Installation of industrial wastewater treatment plants;
  • Construction of water supply and drainage systems;
  • Installation of water supply and drainage systems in buildings;
  • Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings ;
  • Construction of gas networks;
  • Installation of gas supply systems.

If necessary, we can offer a sewage pumping station for your utility network. Why would you need it? The pumping station is used when the system is not self-draining. The pumping station is installed to pump industrial or domestic wastewater from one location to another, i.e., to raise wastewater up so that it flows in the right direction. Our pumping stations are made of strong and durable, chemically resistant plastic (polypropylene) which is not susceptible to such factors as corrosion, moisture, acids and alkalis. We sell and install wastewater pumping stations of various parameters:

  • Pumping station 600×1500;
  • Pumping station 600×2000;
  • Pumping station 600×2500;
  • Pumping station 1200×2400.