Plastic products

As technology keeps rapidly advancing, metal and wood gets gradually replaced by plastic. Having observed this growing trend, we offer an innovation, i.e., products from polypropylene, to our clients.

Polypropylene is a durable, high strength, toxin-free material resistant to water, corrosion, mold, UV radiation and many chemicals. These are the properties that make polypropylene an ideal material to be used both for indoor and outdoor applications, food industry, as well as in aggressive environments for contact with chemicals. The material is easy to clean; therefore, no extra effort is required for maintenance.

  • Technical design – have a brilliant idea but no one to help with its implementation? Trust us in helping you! We will take your needs into consideration and prepare a customized solution that best reflects your ideas.
  • Manufacturing – based on your needs, we can make standard and non-standard colored products from polypropylene coming in various sizes and shapes.
  • Sales – we offer standard and non-standard products for various applications, including outdoor, indoor furniture, outdoor toilets, showers and washbasins and beach changing cabins. Various tanks and reservoirs, wastewater lift/pumping stations, portable and mobile buildings, grease traps, housings for ventilation, air purification, heat regeneration systems and tower houses are available.
  • Installation – in addition to design works, we offer comprehensive installation services.

Presently, we are engaged in production of different kinds of plastic products, such as: underground cellars, plastic lids and bottoms, indoor and outdoor toilets, showers, non-slip plastic flooring, hygienic walls, grease traps (separators), housings for heat recovery systems, sports field enclosures, indoor and outdoor furniture, housings for air filtration systems, housings for whirlpools and swimming pools, hunting towers, mobile walls, non-standard plastic luggage, pumping stations, parts for air filters, liquid collection trays, outdoor washbasins, beach changing cabins, portable and mobile buildings, tanks and reservoirs, enclosures for ventilation systems, outdoor and indoor pools; installation of ponds, fish farming pools – tanks, water aeration kits. Non-standard plastic products are customized according to the needs of our customers which are advised by highly experienced experts, thus ensuring the quality, efficiency, low cost and attractive price of the final product.

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